A New Documentary Series

We all seek deep answers to our life's questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What's my purpose? Come on a journey with us as we tap into those answers through hypnotherapy. JOURNEYS INTO THE SOUL is a documentary series created and produced by David Marsh. Watch 30-minute episodes that feature real people having regression sessions with skilled facilitators to discover their purpose, passion and personal power while in deep states of relaxation. Watch as people discover past-lives, experience life-between-lives and hear from higher wisdom to gain clarity and meaning in their lives.

Check out the trailer below to see more.

Filming sessions for


Regression Professionals:

• Triona Sheeran - Dublin, Ireland

• Indrani Sinha - Dubai, UAE

• Petra Brzović - Zagreb, Croatia

• Suzanne Spooner - Des Moines, Iowa

• Ellemiek Drucker - Isle of Wight, UK

• Jovy Wan - London, UK

• Kathy Kwiatkowski - Moscow, Idaho

• Hila Kedem-Ferguson - Chandler, Arizona

• Jeroen de Wit - Los Angeles, California

• Lisbeth Lysdal - Copenhagen, Denmark

• Erica Middlemiss - Scottsdale, Arizona

• Allison Lee Axinn - Pietrasanta, Italy

• Tracie Mahan - Portland, Oregon

• Diana Paque - San Francisco, California

• Sanela Čović - Madrid, Spain

• Karin Laing - Gozo, Malta

I have studied the Soul Journey for years and am fascinated by the process of uncovering subconscious wisdom through regression sessions. As a facilitator and a filmmaker, I was able to see how people from all over the world are seeking answers from within to life's biggest questions.

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