Deep within YOU are the answers. Your SOUL knows the way.

YOU are a SPIRITUAL being having a HUMAN experience.

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• A Soul Journey is designed to help you find answers. Common themes are: career, relationships, physical issues, emotional situations. Some people want to know what their life purpose is, or if they are on the right path. Still others have questions about reality and consciousness itself.

• A Soul Journey with Dave helps you tap into your Subconscious where you can ask for answers from your Higher Self. Sessions are done either in person in Tempe, Arizona or over ZOOM. You are guided into a relaxed state so that your body is free from tension and your mind is free from concerns, problems, worries, cares or to-do lists.

• A Soul Journey with Dave takes you to key moments in your current lifetime or past lifetimes or in the life between lives where you discover insights into your current life situation and life path. Some people meet their guides, some people meet their council of elders, some people see their soul group and recognize members, some see other planets, some see different dimensions. But it is less about what you see and more about the information you receive. The things you experience are there to inform you of your current life ... because that's the most important life you are living now.

• Each Soul Journey session is set aside for an experience that lasts generally 2-3 hours. You will be sent an intake form prior to your session. When we begin your session, we will talk about this information and set intentions for your session. When we are clear and ready to begin, you will get comfortable and lie down in a private, safe space where you will not be disturbed for the duration of our time. You will dress with loose fitting clothes, possibly have a light blanket over your body and possibly have an eye covering. It is ideal if you have over-the-ear headphones so that you can stay connected to the sound of my voice.

• You will be invited to let go of preconceived ideas and simply describe the images that come up for you without judgement about whatever you see and just "go with it". Then we can look into the reason it is coming up for you. You will see and hear and feel things and it may even feel as if you are actually there in another lifetime. You will be safe and protected the entire time and we will discuss the images you see from the viewpoint as the observer.

• As a skilled facilitator, I will help you navigate your surroundings and I'll ask questions and help you unlock the answers deep within your subconscious. Your Soul knows and I'll help you gain this access to your Higher Self. At the end of your session, we will visit and we will recap the experience and help you understand the meaning for your self. The entire session will be recorded and I'll send you an MP3 recording afterwards so you can go back and listen to your session whenever you want.

• This work is truly one of the most powerful ways to get aligned with your purpose, understand your circumstances and create the life you want to live. A Soul Journey with Dave is an exciting way to have your own Inner Experience and get the answers from your core essence. You will remain connected the entire time, you will remember everything and you will feel totally in control of your own experience. I will facilitate your journey and help you navigate your own experience by asking you questions.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Quest



A session is $300 and we block out a 3-hr time slot. Payment through Venmo, Zelle or cash.


does it work REMOTELY?

Yes. You must be in a quiet, private location where you will not be interrupted by people or pets. You will lie down near a phone or computer. over the ear headphones are ideal but not necessary. Then you will be guided to relax your body and ease your mind. You will see images much like a daydream and simply describe what you are seeing. We are not "programming" the subconscious mind, we are "Accessing" it.



Yes, that is normal. But remember, it will be like describing a daydream. You remain in control over the images you will see. You will be skillfully guided through your journey and you will feel safe and protected at all times.


can other people be in the room?

No. You must be in a private room where you can say anything you want without another person hearing you. Other people will cloud your experience because you will be concerned with them and you will not be able to drop into the deep subconscious state. I will be the only one hearing you and I keep all sessions private. You receive a recording to hear exactly what was said.


what will i see?

Some people see images from their childhood. Some have experiences from other lives or even feel like they are in a different dimension or even another planet. Some see their spiritual guides and even have the experience of being in the life between lives. These images will seem very real and we will discuss what you see and why you are seeing them. Your subconscious knows.


will i fall asleep?

No. You will be active and engaged the entire session. You will talk out loud and describe what you are experiencing.


what if I need the bathroom?

This is a normal occurrence and we deal with it just like you would during the night. We will gently pause while staying in a relaxed state, have you go, and then on your return, we will pick back up right where we left off.


is it real?

People always want to know if the lifetime they saw was real. The question isn't "Is it real", the question is "What was real about that experience"? What ALWAYS comes up for people is the REASON why they saw the lifetime they saw. It has a purpose and a reason for the life you are living now.


will i get emotional?

You will be engaged in seeing images that look and feel real. Some people cry, some people laugh, some people want to pause for a bit so they can drift in bliss as energetic consciousness! Emotions are part of the human experience and anything you feel will be held in a safe place of non-judgmental understanding.


Additional resources.

• "Journey Of Souls"

by Dr. Michael Newton.

• "The Convoluted Universe" series

by Dolores Cannon.

• "Quantum Consciousness"

by Peter Smith.